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The Fantastik fan’s bright multi-coloured lights and fast spinning motion provide sensory stimulation at the touch of a button.

The fan quickly whirls into action, keeping users cool whilst creating a fascinating array of colourful patterns in the air. And best of all, the Fantastik is interactive. The motion of this mesmeric fan can be safely stopped with a finger at any time enabling the user to control both the wind sensation and visual effects, helping to aid cognitive development. Fantastik provides a source of wonder in all light conditions, but try it in a dark room for the most amazing effects!

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Power 3 x AA.

Two plastic fan ‘blades’ - one containing five multi-coloured lights

 11cm

 CE certified

 Battery operated - 3 x AA batteries (not included)

The Sensory Stimulation Theory of Learning is based on the idea that effective learning happens when all, or a combination of, the senses are stimulated. A widely cited study by Laird (1985) quotes research that found that approximately 75% of knowledge held by adults is a direct result of seeing, 13% can be attributed to hearing, whilst touch, smell and taste are responsible for a further 12%. According to Laird, learning can be enhanced when visual stimulation is combined with stimulation of another sense at the same time. The Fantastik’s brightly spinning lights stimulate vision, whilst the whirling fan blades create a sensation of wind which the user can not only feel on their skin, but can also control by safely interrupting the motion if they wish.

This ability to stop the movement of the Fantastik helps to support cognitive development as the user can learn the direct correlation between the action of their finger holding the blade and the motion and lights stopping.

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