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Balance relies on big muscles and whole-body co-ordination and control. Its a skill which requires practice; and fortunately such practice is plenty of fun.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items

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  • Rock Around
    Rock Around

    Gentle circular rocking with room for one more.

  • Air Cushion Large
    Air Cushion Large

    Sit, stand or kneel on this large textured cushion. Each side has a...

  • Tactillos

    Five large rubbery stepping stones with matching handheld tokens. Each...

  • Air Cushion Small
    Air Cushion Small

    Sit, stand or kneel on this textured cushion. One side has a tactile...

  • Sensarock

    Colourful balls rush back and forth within this high quality vinyl...

  • Teeter Popper
    Teeter Popper

    This wobbly bobbly board pops while you rock, very moreish.