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New products

  • Mountain Stream CD
    Mountain Stream CD

    Pure natural sounds. The ever-changing sound of clear water cascading...

  • Wrist Weights
    Wrist Weights

    Two 1/4lb weights to be worn on the wrist to provide weight bearing and...

  • Giant Tickle Tunnel
    Giant Tickle Tunnel

    Big fun in a big tent!

  • Vibrator Mitt
    Vibrator Mitt

    Provides soft vibrating massage for relaxation and sensory stimulation.


Top sellers in this Category

  • Rainbow Timers
    Rainbow Timers

    4 tough timers time 30secs, 1,2,3 minutes. Very rugged, with soft ends.

  • TimeTimer

    Clearly shows time passing (up to 60 minutes).

  • Day Dreamer Mat
    Day Dreamer Mat

    This heavy duty heat sealed mat is easy to disinfect and is waterproof.

  • Eazyhold Pack
    Eazyhold Pack

    5 Soft silicone cuffs designed to help hands hold things.

  • Jumbo Timer
    Jumbo Timer

    Large clear digital display, times up or down in 1 second increments....

  • Eazyhold Bottle
    Eazyhold Bottle

    2x cuffs each with large holes big enough for cups and bottles