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Weighted Blanket

Soft, calming and therapeutic for children with sensory processing disorders, our weighted blankets make a great calming tool to help anxiety and stress.

Available in 2 sizes, with Machine-Washable Cover.

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Weight 2.4kg
VAT Exemptible Yes

Deep pressure weighted blankets can be very beneficial to children facing sensory challenges such as autism, ADHD and other neurological disorders. Based on the sensory integration technique, the added weight or pressure provides unconscious information from the joints and muscles. As a result, they may better integrate sensory information and improve their ability to concentrate.

Product Features and Specifications

Weighted Blanket – Helps with sensory integration during rest time and sleep time

Ideal for children with ADHD, autism and sensory integration issues, the calming weighted blanket is perfect for snuggling, relaxing and calming down hyperactive kids.

  •          Made of soft cotton with poly batting and poly pellets, the weight is evenly distributed in the blanket to provide uniform pressure throughout the body.
  •          The blankets are machine washable in cold water
  •          The weighted blanket offers a soothing hug to help children encourage a restful sleep. The blanket can also serve as an adaptive tool during rest time, in school or at home.
  •          The blanket can be used open or folded up.
  •          The weights are stitched in and weights approximately 8 pounds.
  •          Suitable for kids aged 3+, it is recommended to use weighted products such as blankets with guidance from a therapist and under adult supervision.

Give your child a comforting hug with weighted blankets, help them process sensory information and improve their ability to concentrate on challenging tasks

Sizes : Small - 86 x 66cms ; weight 2.4kgs

           Large - 152 x 84cms ; weight 4.5kgs

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