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Highly personal and yet highly social art gives the freedom to express and to share, while the artistic process absorbs and transports, displacing pain, anxiety and boredom.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items

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  • Clear Painting Easel
    Clear Painting Easel

    Encourage creativity without creating a huge mess! This clever...

  • Pixels

    48 large rounded pegs in four colours.

  • Deco Markers
    Deco Markers

    Set of five colours.

  • Sponge Painting Kit
    Sponge Painting Kit

    Light plastic handles with 7 different patterned foam rollers, 4 roller...

  • Paint Brushes X 2
    Paint Brushes X 2

    Chunky easy to grip handles, anti-drip shield and a generous brush these...

  • Easy Paints
    Easy Paints

    Shake the bottle then press the foam tip to the paper and these bright...