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Putting “piece” into “place” these simple puzzles are for hands and minds.

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Showing 13 - 15 of 15 items

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  • Matching Tray
    Matching Tray

    Set of four themed trays with 20 distinct images, and 80 matching...

  • Magnetic Colour Sorter
    Magnetic Colour Sorter

    A fun, hands-on way to sort 50 chips into five color categories....

  • Seaside Set
    Seaside Set

    Just four pieces, and one board.

  • Animal Matching Game
    Animal Matching Game

    Laminated Animal card matching game

  • Dinosaurs Colour Matching Game
    Dinosaurs Colour Matching Game

    Laminated matching game

  • Basic Chunky Puzzle Kit
    Basic Chunky Puzzle Kit

    Jumbo ABC, Jumbo Numbers, and Shapes Chunky Puzzles.