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Taikophon Feel Sound


This high quality pillow hides a powerful Bluetooth speaker. Very hard to feel inside (until it starts to play and resonate.)...

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The Taikofon is a FeelSound Player that enables you to both hear and feel sound in a new and amazing way.

It may look like a cushion, but don't let its appearance fool you! Sound comes out of it. It vibrates and you can feel it against your skin. It feels nice to press your cheek against it or stroke the sound with your hand. Placed under your neck, its sound vibrates round your head. You can hug it. You can curl up with it to rest. It's just like having a living creature snuggling up to you. It is Taikofon!

The Taikofon is easy to use and safe: you can hug it, you can lie on top of it, or even wrestle with it – the Taikofon is built to be a part of your life

  • The device connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to an audio source, for example, a tablet, 
    smart phone etc.
  • You can freely choose what audio content to use with the Taikofon: you can listen to
    internet radio or music you have downloaded, choose a channel from say, Spotify, 
    use it to enjoy the audio from internet TV or YouTube, make playing more fun, immerse 
    yourself in the world of audiobooks, meditate, dance or anything else that you can 
    think of.
  • The Taikofon creates a high-quality, personal and extensive multisensory audio 
    experience: the sensation of feeling the sound enhances its perception.
  • With the Taikofon you are still able to hear what is going on around you and you are 
    present for others without disturbing them – you still have your own world of sound 
    without needing to block others out with headphones.
  • The Taikofon Therapy is not a loudspeaker, but has inside it a vibrating unit that 
    makes sound waves resonate.
  • The cover of the Taikofon is made from high-quality and easy-to-clean fabric.
    If necessary, the cover can be taken off and washed.
  • The multisensory experience of the sound can relax or invigorate you, help 
    you concentrate, delight and bring you pleasure.

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