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The press of a play button must surely be the most immediate way of transforming a space into a desired environment. Music has tremendous power to unlock creativity, promote emotional expression, reduce anxiety, and improve focus.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items

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  • Ambient Water DVD
    Ambient Water DVD

    The most beautiful aquariums.

  • Soothing Minds Dvds Underwater World
    Soothing Minds Dvds Underwater World

    Explore underwater without getting wet!

  • Music & Nature
    Music & Nature

    Soothing Minds Nature DVD

  • Forest Raindrops
    Forest Raindrops

    Nature sounds, falling rain on leaves.

  • Resonance CD
    Resonance CD

    Music is even better when you can feel it.  Our Resonance Pillow...

  • Fireplace

    Soothing Minds Fireplace DVD