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INDEPENDENCE a skills category. Many independence goals such as mobility (MOTOR) and appropriate reaction (COGNITION) may best be tackled by products in earlier categories. Here we look at specific skills like Swimming, Dressing & Riding as well as providing appropriate furniture.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 46 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 46 items

Top sellers in this Category

  • Therapy Beads Pack
    Therapy Beads Pack

    Our Tactile Aqua Bead-Filled Sensory Stimulation Pads are perfect for...

  • Noise Cancelling Head Phones
    Noise Cancelling Head Phones

    Protection from too much sound. Turn down the sounds with these on.

  • Physio Peanut Balls
    Physio Peanut Balls

    Stable, easy to use, peanut shape therapy ball Made in Italy. Comes in...

  • Backpack of Sensory
    Backpack of Sensory

    Appropriate sized, sling style, backpack is filled with our best selling...

  • Chew Noodle Red
    Chew Noodle Red

  • Balance  Wedge
    Balance Wedge

    An inflatable wedge seat having the properties of both dynamic seating...